A Belcher in Shattered.
Vehicle class Industrial
Body style Full-size van
Capacity 2 (driver and passenger)
Top speed 80
Spawns in Feldis, Lonshan (Ashkon)
Rarity Common
Appears in Shattered
Shattered 2

The Belcher is a cargo delivery van in Shattered and Shattered 2.


The Belcher is a standard van which resembles a Ford E-series with touches from the GM Van series. Diamond 6 News has a fleet of news vans that are Belchers. These vans have a red and blue color scheme, TV antenna on the roof, and "Diamond 6 News" livery on it. These vans spawn more rarely than the standard Belchers, and they spawn more commonly during the campaign than after the game is beat. In multiplayer, the news van does not spawn.


The Belcher has average acceleration compared to other vans. The Belcher is somewhat agile and can corner easily at low speeds. Durability is average. One advantage this van has, being based on the Ford E-Series, is its high ground clearance, allowing it to cover rough ground with ease. It also is faster than the Cadmin. The news variant is identical to the standard, but its top speed is lowered, possibly due to the extra weight of the antenna.


  • The name is based off the word "belch", which means to burp.


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