First Appearance Prologue
Location Downtown, Feldis
Known Workers James Derettas, Erik Baying, Darryl SoLeeto
Status Destroyed

BioLynk was the tallest building in Interface City, and the workplace of hundreds of residents in the city, including James Derettas and Erik Baying. It dealt with generic scientific and military research and experimental science-related commodities.


Before ShatteredEdit

The company of BioLynk was created a long time before the events of Shattered. They built their main building in Downtown, Feldis and employed hundreds of residents in Interface City. It became the tallest building in the entire city once built.

The BioLynk IncidentEdit

On August 2, 2015, the BioLynk Incident occurred which resulted in the collapse of the building, over 1,000 deaths and the surrounding area being covered with ash, dust and debris.


In A Slice of History, James visits the BioLynk wreckage and learns that they're planning to clean up the wreckage and restore the area so it can be used again. However, nothing is ever mentioned about plans to rebuild BioLynk. This project, dubbed the Interface City Rebuilding Process, is expected to last until 2020.

Interface City Rebuilding Process expected to last until 2020. Bringing back a slice of history.
―Construction sign near the wreckage


As a company, BioLynk was created to deal with generic scientific and military research and experimental science-related commodities, like Oscorp from Spider-Man.


Feldis Labeled

Location of BioLynk in Feldis, which is labeled. The orange "B" is where the building was and the white area is the wreckage area where BioLynk collapsed.

BioLynk was a tall, skinny, yellow-colored building with giant glass windows. It also had a giant spire on the roof which stood hundreds of feet tall. Inside the building each floor was a giant laboratory, each worker having their own desk to work at and a lab partner. James's lab partner was Erik and they shared a desk on the 61st floor, three floors from the top (the building had 64 floors). Also inside there were hallways and corridors, and an emergency staircase, all of which are seen in the mission Prologue.

Shattered 2Edit

In February 2016 Chris6d confirmed that Shattered 2 would go more in-depth about BioLynk's history as a company and how the BioLynk Incident ruined them.


  • The original name for BioLynk was "OtisCorp", a reference to Bouncy Boy 3 but was changed due to its similarity to Oscorp from Spider-Man.
  • The building had, on all four sides, a giant red, square-shaped "O", as seen in the picture. This is probably from an early concept where BioLynk was named OtisCorp.