The Black Market worker is the worker seen in the Black Markets.


This man is the one who sells James the powers, as well as runs the Black Markets. He is friends with Joey Dmitri, as Joey paid him off to run the markets.


When James enters the Black Market, the man will say one of the following:

  • Good to see you again!
  • How've you been, James?
  • Ready to purchase a new power?
  • Ready to upgrade an existing power?
  • I saw what you did on the news, man! Excellent!

When James is purchasing/upgrading a power, the man may say one of the following:

  • Now you are prepared against government tyranny.
  • You've racked up some more Black Market points! If they existed.
  • Oh yeah, that power's good. They all are. Probably. If only I knew...
  • Good choice.
  • That one's a beast.
  • Nice choice, James.

Before James exits the Black Market, the man may say one of the following:

  • Going so soon?
  • OK, see you around!
  • Bye, bro!
  • Good to see you!
  • Be safe out there!
  • Protect Interface City!
  • Use that new power! (If the player purchased/upgraded a new power.)


  • The worker's appearance in each Black Market is the same due to him having only 1 character model.
    • For this reason, it is assumed that he runs all the Black Markets.

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