Black Markets
Type Upgrade Shops
Number 4
Created By Joey Dmitri
Created For James Derettas
For the mission, see Black Market.
Yeah, these used to be just empty rooms underneath certain locations. And ya know what’s funny? Nobody ever found them!
Joey, falsely explaining the origins of the Black Markets.

Black Markets are underground shops set up by Joey Dmitri, where James Derettas can upgrade his powers.


Black Markets were created by Joey Dmitri for James Derettas, so he can amplify his powers and upgrade them to make them even stronger. The worker revealed that Joey just had them put in the day before Mission 7, but Joey didn't want James to know this, although this failed due to the worker's big mouth.


Joey set up a total of four Black Markets in Interface City, one in Melody Park, under the lake, one in Queen Anna, one in Sentry Town and one in Jaolin Township, all underground, hidden. The player can go to either one and purchase powers there because they all sell the same powers, regardless of location.


Black Markets exist so the player can make the protagonist more powerful, add new powers or amplify existing ones. The player must use XP to purchase the powers. It is unknown how the Black Markets actually work, as all the player has to do is purchase the power in the menu and James automatically obtains it with no explanation.

After purchasing a power, however, the player is taken into another room in the Black Market where he must practice using the power (hitting targets or taking down virtual enemies). Once James completes the course he may leave.


For a list of upgrades available for a certain power, see that power's own page on this wiki.


  • All the workers use the same 3D model, and thus, look the same.
  • In real life, A black market or underground economy is a market in which goods or services are traded illegally.