Mission gained Don't Hesitate to Shoot
Location gained Street in Feldis
Power Type Basic, Attack
Upgradeable? Yes
Attributed to Aura Manipulation
Appears in Shattered

The Bomb is a basic attack power in Shattered.


The Bomb is small explosive ball of aura energy that is made by charging up a small unit of aura energy to critical mass, thus creating an explosion.


Upgrades can be bought in the Black Market for XP, once the power is unlocked, of course.

Bomb upgrades
Name Cost In-Game description
Chain Bomb 250XP When this bomb hits or detonates near an enemy the aura energy will chain to nearby objects or even other enemies, allowing more damaging attacks
Rapid Fire Bomb 400XP Fires five bombs in rapid succession. Powerful.
Bomb x2 700XP More powerful bomb
Sticky Bomb 1000XP Sticks to objects. Hold the button for it to bounce off.
Nuke 3500XP Very powerful bomb, about 5x bigger explosion than a standard bomb. This will kill or destroy anyone or anything in the area, and anyone who steps in the area that the nuke detonated within one real-time minute of the explosion dies from the energy, so be careful.


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