Boss Battles are battle-types in Shattered. They consist of a main enemy with more health than the average enemy, and are usually in a fixed location. There's the boss's health meter on the screen and James must damage the boss until the meter is at 0 while defending himself from dying. In Shattered, boss battles become harder as the story progresses. In total, there are 6 in-game (7 if counting the PX-41 Criminal semi-boss battle.)

List of Boss BattlesEdit

Boss Battles
Name Mission Chapter Type Reward
PX-41 Criminal Don't Hesitate to Shoot 1 Semi-boss 300XP
Erik (nightmare) Nightmares 1 Boss 500XP
Chief Gleeson Uncharted Territory 1 Boss 800XP
Infearno Infearno 2 Boss 1000XP
Travis Ululator Your Empire Will Fall 2 Boss 1500XP
X27 Partly Cloudy 3 Boss 2000XP
Erik Baying The Game Goes On 3 Boss 4000XP

Miscellaneous DialogueEdit