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Attributed to Aura Manipulation
Used by James Derettas
Type Basic, Attack
Mission gained Don't Hesitate to Shoot
Area gained Street in Feldis
Upgradeable? Yes
Appears in Shattered
Shattered 2
For the Light Manipulation variant in Shattered 2, see Projectiles.

The Bullet is the most basic ranged attack power in Shattered and Shattered 2.


James Derettas can discharge simple aura bullets from his hands. They look similar to Bolts from inFAMOUS, however they are made of aura energy, not electric. Bullets are fairly strong, as they can defeat enemies and blow up cars easily. This is James's primary attack power and is one of the most used powers in the game due to its lack of consumption of energy. It can also be upgraded in the Black Market to become stronger. A list of these upgrades can be found below.


The bullet can be upgraded in the Black Market for XP, once it is unlocked, of course. Four upgrades are available for the bullet, which must be unlocked in order.

Bullet upgrades
Name Cost In-game description
Redirection Bullet 200XP After firing a bullet, James can hit another object with another bullet and both bullets will redirect to that object.
Bullet x2 400XP Bigger, faster, and more powerful bullet
Chain Bullet 800XP When this bullet hits an enemy the aura energy will chain to nearby objects or even other enemies, allowing more damaging attacks
Explosive Bullet 1100XP Explodes when it hits an object. The explosion is not as powerful as a bomb, though.


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