Civilians, pedestrians or citizens are the regular NPCs that inhabit Interface City.


Civilians in Interface City are shown to be downtrodden and depressed in light of the events happening to them. Some civilians are homeless and hungry, and can be seen searching through garbage cans for food. These civilians' attire are also ragged and dirty. However by the end of the game this seems to go away, as citizens are happy again.

Interaction with the ProtagonistEdit

In Lonshan and Zenwood citizens mostly stay in their homes, and when James first unlocks these islands the civilians on them will run away or hide from James. But eventually by doing side quests and story missions they will slowly start to like James, and eventually will be cheering him on.

If James injures or kills a pedestrian all pedestrians in the area will run away, and a 911 call will be made and cops will be sent after James (see Heat for more on this.)


  • There are over 35 different civilian models in Shattered.
  • Blowing up a car with a pedestrian in it will still count as killing a citizen.
  • There are many lines of dialogue that pedestrians have, for that, see here.