Early concept of Cortex.
Scrapped Boss
Real name Erik Baying
Powers Earth Manipulation, Cryokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis, Hydrokinesis, Electrokinesis, Weather Manipulation
Status Scrapped
Appears in None
Cortex was one of the scrapped bosses that were part of a very early concept of Shattered. He would have been the last of seven bosses James would face.

Cortex was going to be Erik Baying's alias, and although the Cortex aspect was scrapped, Erik would go on to be the final boss in Shattered. He, however, would not have all the powers he was going to have. Instead, he would simply have a stronger version of James's Aura Manipulation.


The story was that after The BioLynk Incident, Erik was under the wreckage the whole time. However, he survived, and using the parts he could find built mechanical devices to help his body survive. He created mechanical arms and legs, and even part of his head. The sensors in the device in his head connected to his brain, allowing him super strength and speed. He also had access to all of the elements (Earth, Ice, Fire, Tele, Water, Electric, Weather) and implanted them in himself. Now he could use all these elements.

Appearance Edit

Cortex's face was all messed up due to The BioLynk Incident. He still had on the brown suit from that day, and the red tie. Cortex had mechanical arms and legs with red liquid flowing through them and his body (it is unknown if this is blood, however it is highly likely that it's not blood and instead some liquid element). His left arm had a missile launcher and blaster on it, and he could shoot heat beams from his eyes (laser vision).

Fate Edit

In game, Cortex would die at the end of the game. In the final version of Shattered, his title "Cortex" was dropped and instead, the character went on to use his real name, Erik, as his title.

Powers Edit

Cortex possessed all powers that the other six bosses had. This was ruled too OP, further increasing the reason Cortex was scrapped.