Darryl SoLeeto
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Full name Darryl SoLeeto
Occupation Scientist at BioLynk (formerly)
Status Deceased
Appears in The Hunt For Erik

Darryl SoLeeto was a BioLynk worker who was only seen in The Hunt For Erik.


Nothing is known about Darryl's early life. He was killed by Erik Baying and thrown inside of a water tower. In the mission James Derettas, guided by The_Underscore, destroyed the water tower so James could examine the body. James found a BioLynk keycard in the body's pocket which read his name, Darryl SoLeeto.


  • Darryl is not seen or mentioned anywhere before or after this mission.
  • One of the pedestrians on the streets, as dialogue, may say "Hey, has anyone seen my brother, Darryl? He's been missing for the longest time..." as a reference to Darryl SoLeeto. This reveals that Erik killed him anonymously, without anyone ever finding out except James and The_Underscore.