Dreamreaper (Alden Tate)
Alden Tate
Only known concept of Alden.
Scrapped Boss
Real name Unknown
Powers Telekinesis
Chronokinesis (possibly)
Status Scrapped
Appears in None

Dreamreaper, formerly known as Alden Tate, was one of the scrapped bosses that were part of a very early concept of Shattered. He would have been the fourth of seven bosses James would face.


Alden TateEdit

Alden looked like a cyborg, with one gray eye and one red eye. He wore diamond-shaped goggles and a brownish-gray hood. His right arm is a mechanical arm and his right arm is absent, as it is just a stub. His torso consists of red buttons, lasers and a missile launcher on his side. It is unknown what is going on with his lower body, it appears the blue telekinetic energy is flowing through him. But you can look at the picture yourself and try to see what's going on.


The Alden Tate concept was scrapped because:

  1. The appearance was stolen from Kessler from inFAMOUS, and
  2. The name was stolen directly from Alden Tate from inFAMOUS.

Thus, Janay proposed a new concept called Dreamreaper which took on a more human look. Dreamreaper was a robot with a human look, with robotic arms and legs. He had red eyes and light-colored skin, with a brown coat over a blue shirt and ripped khaki shorts. It is unknown if these were pants and ripped or just shorts.



Dreamreaper's second concept.

Alden Tate / Dreamreaper possessed telekinesis, the ability to move objects with one's mind. His powers included doing this, as well as shapeshifting, becoming invisible, messing with one's mind and solving incredibly advanced algebra.


  • In inFAMOUS, Alden Tate possessed telekinesis as well. So, that's a double rip-off.