SH2 Police cahr
An Enforcer in Shattered 2.
Vehicle class Emergency
Body style 4-door muscle car (Shattered)
4-door coupe (Shattered 2)
Capacity 4 (driver and 3 passengers)
Top speed 105
Spawns in Feldis
Rarity Common
Appears in Shattered

The Enforcer is a 4-door sports sedan police cruiser that appears in Shattered and Shattered 2. In Shattered is the police variant of the Afflito, and in Shattered 2, it is a modified LaPlant.


In Shattered, the car's design is clearly inspired by American styling featured on the Taurus-based Ford Police Interceptor sedan. The car is more muscular than its other police counterpart, the Interceptor. It has a rack in the front to protect the grille as well as sirens and two bullhorn and sensors on the front, near the mirrors.

In Shattered 2, the Enforcer is not an Afflito, but a modified LaPlant. Interceptors are black and red rather than gray and blue, and carry a large chevron-style red stripe across the hood and front sides of the car. Instead of reading "ICPD", they read "Atlantic City Police" on the sides, with "Atlantic City" being displayed above the large "POLICE" wording.


The police use this car in tougher situations. In Shattered, the police are after the player, they will send Interceptors, but if the player destroys or takes out two Interceptors, the police will send Enforcers due to their tougher nature. In Shattered 2, the police will use this car no matter how much heat the player has, as Interceptors aren't in Shattered 2.


The easiest way to destroy these cars is usually with 20 Bullets or 3 Bombs. The player can also use other, tougher powers if they so desire. A good tip is since all vehicles in the Shattered series are easiest to destroy from the front, try destroying the rack in the front covering the grille, then attack the grille until it catches fire or explodes.




  • On the sides of the car, the slogan "Lazy, corrupt, rich" is displayed. This shows the cops' corrupt nature.
  • There is a phone number displayed on the sides of the car, 555-713-1040, which is an Easter egg.
    • Both the slogan and phone number are absent from the Interceptor.

Shattered 2

  • The Enforcer is now the only police car in the game, as the Interceptor is not in Shattered 2.
  • As mentioned, the Enforcer is now a modified LaPlant, rather than a modified Afflito.
  • The phone number and slogan from the first game are not displayed on the Enforcer.


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