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Concept art of Feldis near Carr's Square after the Lockdown, during a rainstorm.

Part of Interface City
Architecture Post-Modern, Art Deco, High Tech
Number of Districts 5
Zone type Urban (high-density commercial, high-density residential, office)
Status Critical
Appears in Shattered

Feldis is the starting district for James Derettas and one of three districts of Interface City.


Feldis is the most urban out of the three districts, with high-density commercial, high-density residential and office, and it is the most populated borough. Feldis is the borough with the Train running through it, as well as several buses. This borough is home to many notable locations, including James's apartment, BioLynk (formerly), the Waterfront Casino, and Melody Park.


Feldis has five districts within it:

Famous LocationsEdit

Some notable locations in Feldis include Pier 6d, Carr's Square, the Waterfront Casino, Melody Park and Downtown Park.



  • Feldis is about the same size as The Loop from Chicago in Watch Dogs.

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