Ground Shockwave
Mission gained None (available after Fender Bender)
Location gained Any Black Market
Power Type Attack
Upgradeable? Yes
Cost 650XP
Attributed to Aura Manipulation
Appears in Shattered

Ground Shockwave is a power in Shattered.


When in the air press the attack button, and James will gather all of his aura energy, and hit the ground with excessive force, sending a small shockwave around and all enemies or citizens within the radius will fall and take damage. Any destroyable object in the area will get destroyed (e.g. cars, telephone booths).


This power is not obtained naturally but instead must be bought from the Black Market for 650XP. It can only be bought after completing Fender Bender.


There is only one upgrade for the Ground Shockwave:

Ground Shockwave upgrades
Name Cost In-game description
Enhanced Shockwave 1000XP Increases the radius of the shockwave, as well as power.