A helicopter patrolling the skies in Shattered.

Helicopters are uncontrollable vehicles in Shattered and Shattered 2.


In both games, the helicopter is modeled after several police helicopters, but it is most notably based on the Bell 206, with some elements of the Eurocopter/Airbus EC120.


The helicopter serves as a vehicle intended to patrol the skies and assist police ground units to search any objective. Helicopters are represented by a large red helicopter icon on the mini-map. Helicopters will start chasing the player when their heat increases. Helicopters will follow the player and even hover over their location, and SWAT units will rappel down to the ground to take them out. Helicopters also spawned near the blockades during the Lockdown.

In Shattered, FFUB helicopters can be seen parked on Doxon Island during Chapter III, but are never used on the player. They are identical in design to the police helicopters, but are black and yellow, and heavily armored.


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