Only known concept of Icex.
Scrapped Boss
Real name Unknown
Powers Cryokinesis (Ice), Hydrokinesis (Water)
Status Scrapped
Appears in None

Icex was one of the scrapped bosses that were part of a very early concept of Shattered. He would have been the second of seven bosses James would face.


Icex was a 6'7" boss who wore blue armor with yellow shoulder plates. It is possible his skin underneath is red because it appears his arms and torso are red, with a blue chest plate over it. His eyes are red as well so it is likely he is wearing a giant mask. The blue ears a large and pointy as well.


Icex was going to be a cryokinesis boss, so his powers were ice related. He could form an ice spike underneath him, launching himself into the air. He could also shoot sharp ice-like projectiles and cause a snowstorm. Icex was also going to have water-related powers as a sub-power to cryokinesis, however these powers are unknown.

Guardians Edit

Icex was going to have a fortress under the water in Interface City, and evil fish-like minions called Guardians. They would have a long tail, orange spikes, a square body with green skin and gills and a giant eye which would follow you around. This concept was scrapped due to its exact similarity to the Minecraft Guardian.


  • Icex and his guardians were actually the first ideas pitched, which would later evolve into the game Shattered.