An Interceptor in Shattered
Vehicle class Emergency
Body style 4-door sedan
Capacity 4 (driver and 3 passengers)
Top speed 95
Spawns in Feldis
Rarity Common
Appears in Shattered

The Interceptor is a 4-door sedan police cruiser in Shattered.


The Interceptor is most likely based off of the NYPD's vehicles with a few differences. On the front is a rack protecting the grille, and on the left side of the car there is one bullhorn sensor, unlike the Interceptor's stronger variant, the Enforcer, which has two. On the back of the car, there is a slight spoiler. Interceptors say "ICPD" on their sides, and they are a light gray color.


The Interceptors are sent out if the player is causing trouble, and gains a heat level. They will go after James and if they catch up to him, they will stop and the cops will get out and start shooting.


The Interceptors are much weaker than their variant, the Enforcers. Thus, two full bombs should destroy them. It helps to take down the rack blocking the grille on the front of the car. The Enforcers have this rack too but it is much stronger on the Enforcers than it is on the Interceptors. Thus, the rack on the Interceptor isn't really a problem, but it still helps to destroy it.


  • Like all other vehicles, the player can steal the Interceptor and drive it around, but after a few seconds of driving the player will hear a police radio report, and then Enforcers will be sent out to kill the player.



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