Interface City
Interface City
Concept art of the city pre-BioLynk Incident
Country United States of America
State New England region
Population 6.3 million
Boroughs 3
Districts 9
Climate Temperate
Economy Extensive (prior to the BioLynk Incident),
Critical (post BioLynk Incident)
Architecture Post Modern, Art Deco
Government Interface City Government
Based on Several Northeastern cities
Appears in Shattered
Shattered 2 (mentioned only)
Courageous. Powerful. Mighty.
―Motto seen on every license plate.

Interface City is the city that Shattered takes place in. It is a large city located in the Northeastern United States (New England region), off the Atlantic Ocean. The city consists of three boroughs, or islands: Feldis, Lonshan and Zenwood.


Before the BioLynk Incident

Before the BioLynk Incident, Interface City was a booming city, with a healthy economy and tourism factor. It was regarded as one of the busiest and dense cities on the East Coast, besides New York, of course. James Derettas, Erik Baying, Joey Dmitri, Vanessa LeBlanx, as well as 6.3 million other people lived in this city.

However, as revealed by Infearno, ever since the 1960s the Ululators have reigned supreme on the streets, forcing people into depressions, including Infearno himself.

The BioLynk Incident

BioLynk, which was the tallest building in Interface City, collapsed on the morning of August 2, 2015. It was this event which killed thousands of people and was dubbed "The BioLynk Incident". After this the economy crashed and became critical, thousands of people became sick, homeless, or dead, and the city fell into a depression.

The Lockdown was initiated by the United States Government which denied access in or out of the city. As well as this the BioLynk Incident (due to the DeAmbulation Auraxideno Collider) granted James Derettas incredible superpowers, giving Interface City a new protector.

Boroughs and Districts

Interface City is home to three boroughs, or islands, which each have their own districts:

There is also a vacant island west of Zenwood, called Vaker Island, however it is inaccessible.

Notable Landmarks / Locations

Interface City is home to some famous and notable locations, which include:


Buses can be seen driving around Feldis, as well as this, there is an elevated train circuit running around Feldis, where two trains (one in each direction) are always running. They stop at each station. The ICTA manages all buses and trains that run in Feldis.


  • Feldis is based upon Empire City from inFAMOUS, and the The Loop from Watch Dogs. Its architecture and elevated trains are based on that of New York City.
  • The city is most likely located in the New England region, more specifically in the state of Maine.