Interface City Police Department
Police art
Concept art of a police officer, holding a sawed-off shotgun.
Full name Interface City Police Department
Type City police force
Alignment Neutral (Chapter I)
Good (after Chapter I)
Leader Chief Gleeson (Chapter I)
Unknown (after Chapter I)
Enemies Ululators, Mercenaries
Known weapons Pistols, Shotguns, Assault rifles, Nightsticks, Grenades, Tear Gas, Rocket Launchers, Sniper rifles
Known vehicles Interceptor, Enforcer, Helicopter, SWAT Van (SWAT variants)
Headquarters Feldis
Found in Interface City
Status Active
Appears in Shattered
Lazy. Corrupt. Rich.
―Slogan, as seen on the side of every squad car

The Interface City Police Department is the corrupt police force occupying Interface City during the events of Shattered. The former chief was Police Chief Gleeson, before his defeat by James Derettas.


The in-game summary states: Like any police force, the ICPD's role is to ensure the safety of Interface City and its residents. However, this police force is noticeably corrupt, willing to do anything for money, even kill suspects on sight. They are ruthless and mean, and don't go to them if you've lost your baby.


Early HistoryEdit

The ICPD was founded sometime in the 19th century during the growth period of Interface City.

PX-41 PlanEdit

The ICPD started secretly working on a liquid formula, which they called PX-41. The purpose of PX-41 was to create super-soldiers, or super-police officers. When PX-41 was injected in a human it would turn them into giant, strong beasts. However, after asking the United States Government for permission to continue this project, the government denied permission because it was too dangerous. However, since the cops were corrupt, they continued it anyway without the government knowing, despite what they were told.

The FFUBEdit

During the events of Shattered, The_Underscore learned about the secret PX-41 plan, and that the cops were doing it behind the government's back. Underscore ratted the cops out to the government anonymously. The government, furious that the police initiated this project after they told them not to, sent the Federal and Financial Underworld Bureau to Interface City to secure the area and teach those punks a lesson.


In the game, the cops serve as enemies if James has heat. They will send Interceptors and Enforcers after James. The cops carry Pistols, Shotguns, Assault rifles, and/or melee Nightsticks. The heavier class use Grenades, Tear Gas and in rare cases Rocket Launchers, and the sniper class use Sniper rifles. The infantry will also use Flashlights to look for the player when he is missing.


The SWAT team division of the ICPD is deployed when James's heat level reaches a certain high point. They drive SWAT Vans and are similar to standard ICPD officers, except they wear all-black heavy body armor and masks, and have a "shoot-on-sight" behavior. Thus, they are much more aggressive and most players do not survive long against the SWAT team. They mainly use U100s, which are the most devastating assault rifle in the game.


  • The police also use stun guns, but never on James. Sometimes the player can observe cops use the stun gun on a civilian, then proceed to handcuff and arrest the person.