Joey Dmitri
Cartoon art of Joey
Full name Joseph Dmitri III
Born 1983[1]
Age 32[2] (Shattered)
35 (Shattered 2)
Alignment Good
Occupation Unemployed
James's assistant
Affiliations James Derettas (best friend)
Melanie Dmitri (girlfriend/wife)
Status Determinant (alive in canon)
Voiced by Mikey Deuce
Appears in Shattered
Shattered 2
You always get scared when something goes wrong. You gotta be more like me, accept that you’ve failed at life and deal with the shit that comes your way. Those are wise words spoken by yours truly.
―Joey, in the mission Defending Joey.

Joseph Dmitri III, best known as Joey Dmitri, is a major character in Shattered and Shattered 2, being the best friend and guide of James Derettas throughout the games.


Before ShatteredEdit

Joey was born into the Dmitri family by his mother, Aida, over 32 years before Shattered (35 years before Shattered 2). He met James sometime when they were younger, before the events of Shattered. They became best friends and hung out a lot, and had lots of good times together.

Events of ShatteredEdit

Discovering James has powersEdit

After the BioLynk Incident Joey immediately went to go help James, but got mugged on the way there by some Ululators. James stepped in and took the thugs out, unlocking his superpowers. Joey realized that this was epic for James and him, being the best friend of a superhero


The_Underscore contacted Joey, asking for James. Joey then called James and told him about this, and soon after Underscore came in contact with James and worked with him to uncover FFUB files. However James started to feel Underscore was using him as his puppet, and killed him off.

Through it AllEdit

Through it all Joey always kept positive. He helped James defeat Chief Gleeson, Travis Ululator as well as guiding him through many challenges. Joey, once Erik was found, hired a team of hackers and computer geniuses to track the city for Erik Baying, and help uncover clues to reveal Erik's whereabouts, and weaknesses. Because of this James finally found Erik, and got his revenge.


Joey, during the events of Shattered, also went on many dates with different women, including Malibu, but finally found Melanie, who he fell in love with. She had the same feelings about him, and eventually the pair revealed to James that they were getting married on September 13.


Joey is somewhat lazy and laid-back, however he is compassionate, considerate and when it comes to his best friend, James, is always able to lend a helping hand. Despite his image he is actually fairly smart, as he was able to help James through many challenges he couldn't have faced alone, as well as set up the Black Markets and hire the hacker group to find Erik. Joey is also extremely funny and goofy, and loves "brewskis".


Joey has dark brown hair in a mop-like style, sunglasses with gray stars on them and no lenses (this reason is unknown), as well as a stubble beard. He has green eyes and a huge nose, with boogers in it. Joey has a longer neck than average, and wears an orange vest that has two 'R's on either side. Joey wears a blue-green shirt with a spade icon in the middle, which is exposed. Joey has a tattoo on his right arm which resembles a black wave, and wears dark colored shorts with two neon-green stripes running down them. He has extremely bony legs with high white socks, and Dikey sneakers.


  • Joey has a belching habit and usually, according to James, "belchsnots" (where snot comes out of his nose as he burps) like he did on his date with Malibu.
  • Joey resembles Zeke Dunbar from inFAMOUS.
  • He is usually seen with/eating a pack of British Fish.
  • He is good with computers, as he is able to track things down in the city using computers.


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