The hotel variant, parked across the street from the hotel.

Vehicle Class Civilian car
Body Style 4-door sedan
Capacity 4 (driver and 3 passengers)
Top speed 90
Can be found in Feldis (around Syx Hotel), Zenwood (very rarely)
Rarity Rare
Appears in Shattered

The Marflamino is a luxury full-size sedan that appears in Shattered.


The Marflamino is mostly based on the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, and its smooth body type and length resembling a Maybach Type 57-62, in nature as well as its general appearance. The car may appear with monotone or two-tone colors. The Marflamino features a wheelbase long enough to qualify for a limousine classification, but is still shorter in length to the Limousine.


The car can be seen parked around and driving near the Syx Hotel. Two will always spawn parked in front of the lobby entrance but they may drive away, so if it's not there it drove away. The ones that spawn by the hotel are always the black-and-red variants. If James leaves the island and comes back, they will respawn there. Also, this car may be seen in Zenwood but as an all-white variant, but this is very rare.


The Marflamino is one of the larger cars in the game, with an exceptionally long body for a sedan. The weight and length of the car make it more of a vanity vehicle. The suspension has a good balance of soft/firm, which irons out bumps in the road, meaning that the car doesn't over-compensate over the bumps, whilst not jarring over them either. The car is slightly clunky in the corners but given time has superior straight line speed. This car is a good option for loading up several people and making a fast getaway but be careful in the corners you can easily crash and get caught. Lastly, the car's mass makes it useful as well against both police cruisers and roadblocks, simply floor the accelerator and smash through them.


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