The PX-41 Project is the name of a secret project that was under development by the ICPD. It was revealed by Chief Gleeson to James Derettas in Don't Hesitate to Shoot.


Before ShatteredEdit

Sometime before the events of Shattered, the ICPD started working on the PX-41 Project, with the idea of a super-soldier serum in mind. The ICPD started secretly working on a liquid formula, which they called PX-41. The purpose of PX-41 was to create super-soldiers, or super-police officers. When PX-41 was injected in a human it would turn them into giant, strong beasts. However, after asking the United States Government for permission to continue this project, the government denied permission because it was too dangerous. However, under the reign of Chief Gleeson, the cops were corrupt, so they continued it anyway without the government knowing, despite what they were told.

Events of ShatteredEdit

During the events of Shattered, The_Underscore learned about the secret PX-41 Project, and that the cops were doing it behind the government's back. Underscore ratted the cops out to the government anonymously. The government, furious that the police initiated this project after they told them not to, sent the Federal and Financial Underworld Bureau to Interface City to secure the area and teach the cops a lesson.

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