Rabiea P9
Rabiea P9
Vehicle Class Civilian car
Body Style 4-door SUV
Capacity 4 (driver and 3 passengers)
Top speed 100
Can be found in Feldis, Zenwood
Rarity Fairly common
Appears in Shattered

The Rabiea P9 is an SUV that appears in Shattered.


The Rabiea P9 exhibits an overall German-influenced styling reminiscent of a 2003-2009 BMW X3 (or first-gen E53 BMW X5 in the rear) reinforced by the 4.8i badging seen on the sides just ahead of the front doors, a reference to the familiar BMW badging typically seen on the side of their crossover SUVs.

However the fact that the car is RWD-based makes it more closely resemble the Mercedes-Benz M-class. Also, due to the size of the vehicle, it may be considered that the Rabiea P9 is based on the BMW X1 (although the latter came out in real-life much later than the former). Its overall shape also resembles a SsangYong Kyron.


Contrary to many other cars in its class, the Rabiea P9 feels distinctively road-oriented, as opposed to being a four-wheel drive Sports Utility Vehicle. The lack of four-wheel drive results in the car feeling marginally less planted on the road (as well as offroad), a feel that is made increasingly apparent the faster you drive it.

The Rabiea P9 is not a big SUV and only sports rear wheel drive (similar to how the Mercedes-Benz M-Class has RWD models for the southern United States market). It does have a high ground clearance and short wheelbase. Coupled to the powerful V8 engine, the Rabiea P9 is a surprisingly good off-road vehicle, despite the lack of four wheel drive.

Although the Rabiea P9 is more compact than many of the other SUVs and pick-ups in the game, it is a very safe vehicle. The body stays intact and its deformation keeps forces away from the cabin during a crash and occupants are highly unlikely to be thrown from the vehicle. The Rabiea P9 can withstand a high amount of damage before the engine fails, making it a good getaway car. However, its high center of gravity makes more susceptible to roll-over accidents, which prevents it from gaining a 100% score in crash safety.


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