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Attributed to Aura Manipulation
Used by James Derettas
Type Basic, Attack
Mission gained Fender Bender
Area gained Downtown, Feldis
Upgradeable? Yes
Appears in Shattered
Shattered 2

The Star is a basic attack power in Shattered and Shattered 2.


The Star functions and looks like a ninja star, but is made of aura energy. However, it is much more powerful than a regular ninja star due to its aura nature.


The star can be upgraded in the Black Market for XP, once it is unlocked, of course. Seven upgrades are available for the star, which must be unlocked in order.

Star upgrades
Name Cost In-game description
Star x2 150XP Bigger, faster and more powerful star
Environmental Star 400XP Damages other objects in the area as well as the intended target.
Chain Star 800XP The aura energy chains to nearby objects as well as the intended target, allowing more devastating attacks.
Sharp Star 1100XP The aura energy forms to make a star with sharper edges, damaging targets more.
Explosive Star 1500XP This star blows up when it hits its target.
Redirect Star 2000XP Throw this star into the air, then shoot an object with a bullet and the star will automatically redirect to the shot object.
Reverse Star 2250XP This star comes around an enemy and swoops in behind them. Before they know it, the star comes around and they're dead.


  • The Reverse Star is the star that is featured when James first unlocks the power in Fender Bender, when he must take out the cops, but for some reason this star is locked and must be unlocked later.


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