Rendering of the taser
Type Ranged weapon
Used by The_Underscore
Mission The Hunt For Erik
Appears in Shattered
This taser can kill you even with your powers.
―The_Underscore to James.

The Taser, also known as the Stun Gun, is a ranged weapon that appears in Shattered. This weapon fires barbs attached by wires to batteries, causing temporary paralysis. The_Underscore used this weapon in the mission The Hunt For Erik.



The taser resembles a standard pistol but with yellow areas, and a different component system due to it firing electric barbs, not bullets. The handle is rubber for intense grip as well as preventing electric shock.


The_Underscore aimed this weapon at James Derettas in The Hunt For Erik. However, James takes Underscore down before he has a chance to fire the taser. If the player is too slow, however, The_Underscore will fire the taser at James, killing him instantly, implying that James has a weakness to something within the taser. Police are also seen using this weapon, but never on the player.

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