Only known concept of Terabyte.
Scrapped Boss
Real name Unknown
Powers Electrokinesis
Status Scrapped
Appears in None
Terabyte was one of the scrapped bosses that were part of a very early concept of Shattered. He would have been the third of seven bosses James would face.


Terabyte's skin is blue to accommodate his electricity, with light blue "veins" flowing through him. His eyes are yellow and he wears a yellow shirt with an indigo tank top over it, with an electricity symbol in the middle. The lower portion of his body is shaped like a lightning bolt, and because he does not have legs, he flies.


Terabyte possesses electrokinesis, or electric abilities. He had the power to fire lightning bolts, electrical blasts, summon lightning from the sky, and even use his eyes to fire damaging electric bolts. He was scrapped due to his similarity to Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

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