Feldis Labeled

Location of BioLynk in Feldis, which is labeled. The orange "B" is where the building was and the white area is the wreckage area where BioLynk collapsed.

The BioLynk Incident is the name given by the people to the event that occurred at BioLynk, resulting in thousands of deaths but the birth of James Derettas's superpowers.


Back in 2009, Erik Baying planned of a world where he would have superpowers. He got to work on the DeAmbulation Auraxideno Collider, or DAC, which was completed in 2015.

The EventEdit

The ExplosionEdit

On the morning of August 2, 2015, Erik brought the DAC to work at BioLynk to initiate it. This was successful, as the DAC caused a major explosion from where it was, the third-to-top floor of BioLynk. This explosion caused the floor to collapse resulting in everyone on the floor dying - but not James. This explosion weakened the building's structual support column, so the building was swaying and could collapse at any moment. This meant that James, amazed that he survived, had to get up and out of there before the building came down.

BioLynk CollapsesEdit

James eventually broke a window and jumped 61 stories out the window of BioLynk, down into a dumpster. Because of him having powers but not knowing it yet, he survives this fall. Not even two minutes after the fall, the building's structual support column gives way and the top portion of the building (where the explosion was) comes crumbling down, floor by floor. James realizes there's no escape. He tries to run away but the building comes down on top of everything.


Everything within a three-block radius of where BioLynk stood was covered in ash, dust and debris. James broke out of the wreckage after waking up a few hours later. Not long after the incident the event was dubbed "The BioLynk Incident" and the worst event to take place on Interface City soil.

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