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Welcome to the Shattered Wiki! We are currently taking care of over 472 articles since our founding on August 21, 2015, and you can help.

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Shattered is a 2015 action/adventure open-world video game with stealth elements developed by Chris6dProductions, based off of a number of famous video games, such as inFAMOUS, Watch_Dogs and Grand Theft Auto, but it is different in its own light.

If you like what you see, read more!

NOTE: As the Shattered games are rated M/16, strong language that may be inappropriate for younger readers is present! spoilers are also present, so readers beware!

Other Wikis

About the Shattered Wiki
Welcome to the official SHATTERED Wiki!

The wiki about the all new, exclusive, open-world super-hero video-game series that anyone can edit! This wiki is led and monitored by a pro, Chris6d who is actually the developer behind Shattered. So be good on this wiki, follow the rules, and as always, stay Chris6d-y.

Note: This wiki covers information about the Shattered series, and as such may contain spoilers.

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  1. Much credit to the GTA Wiki for some items. For those items, full credit goes to them.

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