This article is about the game mechanic. You may be looking for Time Manipulation.

Time is an element of gameplay in Shattered, that controls the day-night cycle, weather, and more.

Day-Night CycleEdit

In Shattered, daytime lasts 27 real-time minutes, sunset 3 minutes, nighttime 27 minutes, and sunrise 3 minutes. Thus, a full day in Shattered is 60 real minutes, or one real hour.


The weather in Shattered is somewhat random, but not as random as hot blazing days and then snow the day after. Weather has a pattern in Shattered: In Interface City it is mostly sunny, partly cloudy, or cloudy. Some days it will rain and a rarer variant of rain includes thunder and lightning. Beware that the thunder can be very loud so if playing with headphones, turning the volume down a bit is recommended.

The sky also changes with the weather. If it is rainy, obviously the sky will be gray with dark gray clouds. Very rarely, the sun during sunset or sunrise will be completely exposed instead of being partly obstructed by clouds.


  • If the sun is rising or setting and the player faces James toward the sun, James will raise his hand over his head and sort of cover his eyes, as if the sun is too bright for his eyes.
  • After players complained about the thunder sounds being too loud, a patch was added to the game in November 2015 that lowered the volume of the thunder. The patch also added a "weather sounds" adjuster in audio settings, which the player can raise or lower.