Underscore's Lair is the personal area where The_Underscore worked from, perfecting his hacking and computer skills.

Location and Layout Edit

It is located underneath Feldis somewhere, and is only accessible by a secret hatch in the ground that is hidden from the public. Once inside one must use an elevator that only works if the person's retina is scanned and comes up successfully (Underscore operated this from his lair). The elevator took the person down to Underscore's lair, where he would be behind a partition, similar to a bank where the teller is behind the divider.

Appearance Edit

In Shattered, the lair is only seen twice, in the mission The Hunt For Erik and later in Retracing Steps when James revisits it to reobtain the files he stole. It is not accessible anytime outside of these missions.

Fate Edit

After The Hunt For Erik, Underscore is left dead in the room and all computers are destroyed, when James leaves. Power is also cut rendering the room abandoned. The room is seen in this state in Retracing Steps.