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Attributed to Aura Manipulation
Used by James Derettas
Type Basic, Attack
Mission gained Black Market
Area gained Black Market in Melody Park
Upgradeable? Yes
Appears in Shattered
Shattered 2

The Wall is a basic attack power in Shattered and Shattered 2.


With the Wall power, James Derettas can summon walls made of Aura Energy that will come from the ground up. They form in front of James and they help protect him from gunfire and give him cover. Walls break after 30 seconds, or a minute if upgraded.


The wall can be upgraded in the Black Market for XP, once it is unlocked, of course. Six upgrades are available for the wall, which must be unlocked in order.

Wall upgrades
Name Cost In-game description
Wall 2.0 200XP Same as the standard wall but lasts a whole minute.
Force Field Wall 500XP Any enemies that come in contact with the wall get knocked out. Also, if James is touching the wall when the force field is activated, and an enemy shoots or touches the wall, James will recover some health. However, as a drawback this wall only lasts for 20 seconds rather than the normal 30.
Pulverizer Wall 850XP This wall targets enemies and forms the wall over them, killing them.
Health Wall 1000XP James can touch the wall to gain some health back. However, he gains health at a slower rate than the Force Field Wall. This wall only lasts for 15 seconds, half the time of a normal wall.
Extender Wall 1500XP This wall extends outwards as well as upwards. The standard wall forms first, then the extensions. This wall lasts 20 seconds.
Complete Fort 3000XP The final upgrade for the wall. This wall surrounds you completely, and does not break unless an area is hit with an explosive force, then only that area will break. This is the highest upgrade for the wall. However it only lasts for 30 seconds, like a standard wall.


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