Vehicle Class Civilian car
Body Style 4-door compact sedan
Capacity 4 (driver and 3 passengers)
Top speed 80
Can be found in Feldis, Lonshan, Zenwood
Rarity Fairly common
Appears in Shattered

The Weekson is a 4-door compact sedan that appears in Shattered.


The Weekson features a tall, narrow body that is significantly inspired from the second generation Chevrolet Aveo/Sonic sedan (also known as Holden Barina in Australia and Chevrolet Lova in Asia), as well as the Suzuki Aerio/Liana, with frontal influences from both Dacia Logan facelift and Dacia/Renault Logan 2013 and the rear from the first generation Dacia Logan with a high rear deck-lid. Its rear is similar to 2004 Chevrolet Malibu. The license plate is situated under the trunk lid.


The Weekson has a lot of break-horsepower compared to other compact sedans. Overall, the car is a good pick for an average sedan, given its high power output, superb handling and average capabilities, however the car proves to fall on traction and braking.


The Weekson can be found in all three districts in Interface City. It is most common in Lonshan, then it appears less frequently in Zenwood and rarest in Feldis.


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